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Being Busy Does Not Have to be a Four-Letter Word!

I retired from a major Fortune 50 company in 2010 leaving a successful career as a Contract and Negotiations Manager. Entering the retirement phase of my life was loaded with excitement for all the new things I would now have a chance to do with my “free” time; and concurrently filled with trepidation as I faced unchartered waters on my newly anticipated endeavors.

I could sleep late; I could stay up late; incoming phone calls wouldn’t mean I would get an extra assignment; I could read books when I felt like it; I could start a small business; and Sunday nights would no longer be stressed thinking about the upcoming week of “to dos” to be completed for someone else!

I’ve always had a creative side to my personality and have enjoyed putting fabrics together to make my home inviting. Redesigning antique and vintage inspired chairs to make a statement emerged. Fast forward ten years and Busy Bee Treasures was born!

My friends always comment that I’m so “busy.” Being busy is a good thing. Busy is serving; busy is being happy; busy is being creative; busy is meeting new people; busy is enjoying what you are doing; busy is being in charge of your destiny; and, busy is stretching and trying new endeavors. Busy does not have to be a four-letter word.

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