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Ikebana And the Art of Chair Design

Ikebana and the Art of Chair Design

Volume 1

In the first introduction to Ikebana and the Art of Chair Design, we touched on an Ikenobo arrangement called Shoka Shimputai and related it to pulling together the components of fabric, paint and chair style in designing an upcycled chair

This blog takes a look at that same design using different fabrics and placement.

This Ikenobo arrangement is a Shoka Shimputai.

1. The components of this arrangement start with the vase which is the same as starting with the style of chair that is going to be upcycled.

2. The pink flower is the main focal point or the place in the arrangement where your eye first settles. This is the Shu which is the main focus just as the lovely, embroidered fabric is the main focus material on this chair. It is positioned on both the top front and back giving a unique view from each angle.

3. The long variegated stem complements the pink flower by contrasting a line against a mass. This is the Yo of the arrangement which is similar to the material used on the seat of this shown in the next picture.

4. The last part is the Ashari which is the piece of material which ties the Shu and Yo together. In the arrangement it is the small hosta leaf that ties the material together, whereas in the chair design, the black paint on the chair is its Ashari

Now it’s time for you to find your Shu, Yo and Ashari to make a fabulous chair!

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